CCNP ENWLSD (300-425) forms part of the concentration exams used to achieve the CCNP Enterprise certification. With this in mind, this course we’ll be covering all of the topics required for Cisco’s CCNP ENWLSD (300-425) exam.

With wireless infrastructure becoming an expectation for both staff and guests, wireless has become a critical service for enterprises. As such, it’s important to understand the methods and best practices when designing Cisco wireless networks.

With this in mind, this course will guide you through the required knowledge to understand the fundamentals of wireless design. Knowledge obtained can then be used to allow you to correctly design and implement enterprise wireless networks.

Over the upcoming CCNP ENWLSD (300-425) course is made up of written lessons coupled with videos. These are broken into bite-size chucks used to cover each topic in detail.

ENWLSD Overview

As part of this course will cover the following ENWLSD (300-425) exam topics:

  • Fundamentals of wireless design.
  • Gathering wireless design requirements (client density, applications in use, deployment type).
  • Applying wireless design requirements (data, voice, video and real-time location).
  • Site surveys – (layer 1, predictive, pre-deployment, post-deployment).
  • Mobility concepts (intracontroller, intercontroller layer 2, intercontroller layer 3 and anchor mobility roaming).
  • Mobility validation (CAPWAP, EoIP and mobility control).
  • Wireless controller high availability (LAG and SSO).
  • AP high availability (Priorization, Fall-back, controller failure detection.).
  • Radio management (RRM, TPC, DPC, CHDC, RX-SOP).
  • Wireless bridging (WGB, RAP, MAP).
  • Material attenuation.
  • Client roaming (802.11r, 802.11k, 802.11v).

ENWLSD Course Content